In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, in practice there is.
Yogi Bera

Something has been bothering me for a long time, and my mind still cannot wrap itself around those who are complicit (can we make a new word “complicitors”?) in the destruction of their own country and think they will escape the fallout, even those at the very pinnacle of power. They knowingly kill the goose, freedom, that lays the golden egg but think THEY can keep the eggs coming. In theory they expect to keep THEIR wealth and things while taking from you and me, presumably because our contributions don’t matter. In practice, however, they, too, will lose all.

The Soviet leaders had a name for such followers, they were called “useful idiots”, and that name was not just for the little guys, but soon included some of those very leaders. I think it was Beria who went to his death weeping, not that he was to die, but afraid Stalin did not love him anymore. His final words were addressed to that effect. Who will weep this time when they are being tossed aside?

The people who close their eyes to lies and sidle up to power will all lose when the leaders finally turn on their own, but there are other sides to this story. What happens when a civilization falls? How long can technology last when there is no innovation or upkeep available?

Without question there will be chaos when a nation falls, but I have another scenario about such a future that I think is true. If you want to know what will happen and how people will live when a population declines, choose a time with a much lower population number and learn how people lived then. Within a very few generations that is the way you and your descendants will live. How do you keep computers going when there is no way to repair and service them? What happens to satellites and other forms of communication? Who keeps automobiles running and airplanes flying? Think about all the things we have simply because we have the population to sustain them.

Cellphones are a great example of technological innovation. The first “mobile” phones were cumbersome, unreliable, and expensive. They were mostly used in commercial operations. When they started being used by individuals, only the so called “rich” had them. Those people were very limited in their calling system. Now the phones are small, reliable and cheap. Everyone has them. A man who worked in Africa told me how shocking it was to be in the African “bush” and find that every native had a cellphone. How long do you think any cellphone system will survive a societal breakdown?

If you had to leave your home in an emergency, with electricity gone and enemies at the door, and you told your children to grab just the necessities so you could run, what would they take? Their IPhones and computers, or warm clothing, food and water? Would they even believe they were in danger?

Back to the “complicitors”, where oh where will they be? It won’t take long for their lights to go out, too. They are fighting against us by design and what they do to themselves is out of sheer stupidity.

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