I well remember the first time I found gold. We must have been in Yellowstone Park and I was playing at the edge of a river when I saw the shine of iron pyrite and knew I had found gold and would be able to enrich my family. I grabbed a few rocks and ran shouting to my father that we were rich. He and my mother laughed while they explained I had only found “Fool’s gold.” No sugar coating was ever allowed by my parents, their daughter was a FOOL and boy did my brothers help reinforce that idea.

It would be many years before I stayed at a working gold mine in Alaska and found out how much work is involved in mining. It takes a lot of strength, grit and character to draw forth gold from the ground, and it takes more grit and strength of character to draw gold from ourselves.

We live in an age of glittering people who pursue power, fame and fortune at any cost. That cost is high for so many as they plunge into the abyss of adulation and wealth and then into drugs, loneliness and despair. The ruin of so many young people is particularly sad.

What constitutes true gold in a life? Do we even look anymore, or do we prefer the glitter over the real?

A person whose judgment I absolutely trust often uses the term “he’s only from the teeth out” to describe people he doesn’t trust. He recently referred to Joe Biden that way and I had to laugh because it was such a true statement. Can’t you just see the flash of light from “old Joe’s” teeth while he makes a fool of himself?

Learning the wisdom of judging fairly among competing interests for our time, money and loyalty is a wearying task, but one we avoid at our peril.

Take time to really listen and think hard about what you hear. After you have contemplated all sides, try to make an informed decision, apply your intelligence to the matter, and if someone is telling you it’s a crisis and the need to act is urgent, to “pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it”, ask yourself how trustworthy such advice is and why they who disagree are demonized with such hatred. Why is the issue being forced and what is to be gained from creating such chaos? The old saw about “follow the money” (and who gains power) applies here.

The silly theatrics of this administration are such a give-away about bling over substance. How can the idiots who stand behind this president as props not be ashamed of themselves? Maybe they just crave their fifteen minutes of fame.

Harry Reid and his lies and false witness against Romney were sickening to behold and should have been repudiated by all honest souls. That Romney did not more vigorously defend himself still astounds me.

Truth should not be silenced by fear and we all seem to need a truth detector these days.

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