“Traitors are the lowliest of God’s creatures, despised by those they betray, and secretly loathed by those they serve.”   Richard Paul Evans

Once again the odious, slimy Harry Reid has struck against the liberty of the American people. I know that eternal judgment belongs to God, but as free people we need to remember what the term judgment really means. Eternal judgment belongs to God, but here on earth and under our laws, generally a jury of the accused’s peers hears the evidence and decides guilt or innocence, then a Judge decides the punishment or doom of the guilty. We are the jury, not the judge.

With that in mind you and I need to know that each citizen has not only the right but the duty to decide if there is enough evidence to say an elected official has betrayed the country and broken his or her oath of office. I have decided for myself that we are surrounded by too many liars and oath breakers in all offices of our government. They need to be held accountable for their deeds and delivered to the judges.

To repeat: Once again the odious, slimy Harry Reid has struck against the liberty of the American people by changing Senate rules under the direction of an even more odious President, who is also guilty of lies to the people.

It is disenheartening to remember that the mess we presently face with Obamacare could have been avoided save for the actions of one man, Chief Justice John Roberts. What I hear from others indicates they suspect John Roberts and/or his family was threatened, that he had  been caught in some shameful act and blackmailed, that he wanted to be “accepted” by those in power, or that he is simply a traitor. It is a terrible thing to believe that any of those things could be true. Perhaps it is simply a sign of our times that not only are such suspicions voiced, but that they are so easy to believe.

How many other officials or bureaucrats in government service need to face a jury of their peers so that a judge may pronounce RIGHTEOUS judgment?

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