“ALL BILLS FOR RAISING REVENUE SHALL ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES . . . ” Section 7, The Constitution of the United States of America

Once again we as a nation are faced with the cowardice and lies of the political class and almost everyone connected with it. Is it even possible to recognize any semblance of truth coming out of Washington, D. C. or from the fools who pass themselves off as the brightest amongst us?

Harry Reid and John Boehner and the cravens who follow after them are as worthy of impeachment as is the man who calls himself president. These malignant minions don’t seem to have any gonads at all.

The court eunuch Boehner needs to face his own devil – himself. He needs to be put out to pasture post haste. The man can’t even find his way to state the facts which support his case and hates anyone who can. He seems to have totally forgotten the most important job of the House of Representatives, that of saving the nation from insolvency, and he seems to have even forgotten his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.

Why such cowardice and dishonor? On September 30, 1938, Neville Chamberlain returned from meeting Hitler in Munich and announced that he believed his efforts meant “. . . there will be peace for our time.” A few days later Winston Churchill would say in a speech before Parliament, “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.”

John Boehner, you chose dishonor and you have now failed everyone. None can trust you again to keep your oath for anything. Anyone who followed your lead is also guilty and will suffer the same fate.

The man who was elected President of this great nation based on ephemeral lies that appeared attractive to many, is many times over exposed for the liar he is, and none will stand against him as he continues his lazy and feckless way to destruction. Now we know where the just as lazy and feckless cowards in the Congress stand as they squander every principle of righteousness they claim to stand for.

What a shame it is that so few men stand on principle. And so this nation is led by fools and simpletons. Statesmen and oath keepers need not apply.

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