Mind the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

There was a time when people everywhere knew this old saying, and most even attempted to put it into practice. Today grandma still picks up dropped coins on the street while her children and grandchildren laugh because it seems so senseless.

But if political leaders were anything resembling honest, they would admit they have ceased minding any amount, whether on behalf of the country or that used for their own greed, power or comfort.

If they minded the thousands would the millions take care of themselves?
If they minded the millions would the billions take care of themselves?
If they minded the billions would the United States be untold trillions in debt?
Of course we wouldn’t be in the danger we are if just a little judgment were used in the Congress, or by a profligate and out of control president, who thinks always and only of himself, period. Perhaps that’s what is wrong up on high, the Muckeymucks ALWAYS THINK ONLY OF THEMSELVES.

Grandma and grandpa have decided it is better to be honest and true in their dealings with their fellow-beings, to maintain their self-respect at any cost, and worship the God who created us all, than to seek after that which corrupts absolutely.

They will continue to mind the pennies in their lives in order to share their dollars where they can.

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