One word of TRUTH shall outweigh the whole world. Alexander Solshenitsyn

“What is truth?” Pontius Pilate is said to have asked the Christ, a question that has reverberated through time. In every age and culture men have devoted themselves to the search for truth. Philosophers and scientists have answered some questions but now their answers are ignored, placing many in great peril.

Today some still strive for answers, but it seems that the vast bulk of humanity, those who even have the luxury and and time for contemplation, has decided that there is no truth, and so each may choose for himself what his “truth” is. My truth is as good as yours, which is the same as saying there is no truth at all.

The subject of truth and how to find it, be it small or large, used to be passed from each generation to the next in the form of folk sayings we have chosen not to pass on to our own children. Many no longer know the rudiments of common sense, economics, morality or how to provide for their own life and family, so they trade their liberty for soul destroying dependence.

The folk wisdom passed on before, which I have chosen to call “Homespun Homilies”, plus some scripture from the Holy Bible, will be the basis of this blog.