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“OH, I’VE GOT A LOVELY BUNCH OF COCOANUTS . . .”  Novelty Song Written in 1944 By Fred Heatherton

I have never been a big fan of natural medicine, but from time to time have taken a few “natural” remedies. For a variety of reasons I have had to rethink the entire matter, all because of coconuts and coconut oil.

When our youngest son, David, lived for a few years in Germany, he became ill and no one could figure out what his problem was. He returned home and struggled along unwilling to bother my husband and me with his problems. He married and about a year later was diagnosed by biopsy with Crohn’s Disease. His disease progressed to the point where he could barely leave the house and working was a real problem. Finally he was told that Remicade was his only option.

The only person I had met on Remicade was a teenage girl with Crohn’s who had “died” the first time she was given the drug. They had to restart her heart before treatment could be resumed and then give her other medicines so she could tolerate the Remicade. Each time she underwent treatment someone had to stand by with paddles. I was not too happy with such toxic medicine being given to my son.

My husband went on line and began researching Crohn’s. He ran across a website on coconut oil and people who claimed the oil had helped or cured  their Crohn’s, along with benefits also claimed for other conditions. He decided that it couldn’t hurt to at least try the oil and sent David a large bottle. I later asked David to detail what happened.

First of all, he never particularly liked the flavor of the oil, although I, for one, really like it. He put about a tablespoonful of the oil in a cup of hot chocolate morning and night and gagged it down. Medically he said the first three days were an absolute miracle, the diarrhea stopped almost immediately and he went to the bathroom twice on each of those three days. Then his wife made a salad with raw broccoli in it, and he was off to the races again. He learned later that tomato products also affected him. He knew the three days had worked so he continued taking the oil, and gradually got better again. He also ate coconut macaroons for a change of pace.

His progress was kind of up and down over the next several months but each relapse was not as bad and the relapses occurred further apart. Then my husband learned that coconut oil could be purchased in gel caps and sent some to David. The capsules worked much better for him. The only reason we can think why that would happen is that the capsules dissolve further down the digestive tract where the problems actually are.

By the time David had been taking the oil for just short of three years he seemed to be cured, but he waited about a year more before he got all his records and went in for a colonoscopy. The doctor in Seattle told him that if he had not seen his records and scans he would have accused him of lying about ever having Crohn’s. He showed absolutely no trace of the disease.

Will he ever quit taking coconut oil? He says there is no way he’ll ever stop, although he has cut back on his daily dose.

My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and was having trouble sleeping and had terrible leg pains at night. He decided to try coconut oil when someone on www.coconutoil.com  said it helped them sleep. It has been a real blessing for him, and he says that in addition to sleeping better it helps his leg pain and he doesn’t have “brain fog.” So I decided to take it and I, too, sleep better and have had to cut back on insulin.

Yes, we have talked to other people about the oil, but the first problem is that Americans have been absolutely brainwashed into thinking that all fats and oils are bad. Not true, but that’s another story. The second factor is that coconut oil seems “silly.” One man we know came to ask about what David had done. After I told him about the oil he grew angry and told me that was “stupid” and stomped away. He had a colostomy a few months later. Some people also want an instant cure, so they take the oil for few days and quit because “it doesn’t work.” Sometimes the simple things are the hardest to believe.

If you or a loved one would like to know more go to www.coconutoil.com  There are two great books also available. One is ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, WHAT IF THERE WAS A CURE?, by Mary T. Newport, M.D. and the other is THE COCONUT OIL MIRACLE, by Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D.

I don’t know if it will work for any of your problems, I just know for sure it saved our son and I feel compelled to pass the knowledge along.